In Ensure project we focused our research on the analysis of the vulnerability of territorial systems to the consequences of natural or and na-tech disasters. Consequences like economic and social damages, loss of natural environments and cultural heritage, up to large death tolls. Losses which should be regarded as losses of territorial resources and values for present and future development. It becomes therefore very important to better identify and measure in which way and to what extent a territory is exposed to certain types of hazards. Which means to better understand which elements, systems, subjects, which areas are most likely to suffer from catastrophic events like earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides. Improving the understanding of the factors that make a community vulnerable or resilient is therefore crucial.

In this website we would like to invite you to make a journey into the vulnerability  and resilience matters with us, offering you a tool to directly experience the research results we obtained during the Ensure Project work.

Here you will find some theoretical and operational tools related to vulnerability and resilience assessment which we hope could help you in better understanding and evaluating different interpretations of the concepts and ways to operationalize them. 

Info about Ensure Project